The Quality of Ecotrend AAC Block and Panel was Proven by CTC
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The Quality of Ecotrend AAC Block and Panel was Proven by CTC

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There is an ancient saying in China:" Every cook praises his own broth," which means businessmen always tell their customers the good quality of their products. However, a number of customers will doubt about the words of the merchant. Therefore, in order to prove the quality of Ecotrend AAC products, Ecotrend mailed its AAC product samples to China for testing (Cambodia does not have perfect quality testing system, and China has international standards of testing for this type of product).

China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd (short for "CTC") was originated in the 1950s, through over sixty years' active exploration and tireless efforts, CTC has grown into the large scale integrity third-party test and certification body in China in the field of building materials and construction engineering. CTC was the test party in charge of dry density and compressive strength test of AAC block and a comprehensive test of AAC panel. In general, dry density and compressive strength test only takes about 10 days, and the comprehensive test takes up to 30 days.

After a month of experiment, we eventually get the test report, which shows Ecotrend AAC block and AAC panel passed all the test items. In addition to the fundamental performance of dry density and compressive strength, the test item also includes structural performance, thermal conductivity, etc. If you were interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for the detailed test report.

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