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  • Basics About Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Substances – A Brief Guide For You 


    In the world of the precast concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete or also known as AAC takes an important position. The precast concrete offers many benefits for users as it is easy to use, affordable, and also does not require extra knowledge during their construction. The AAC is manufactured in di Read More

  • Application of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete


    AAC(Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)block and panel, a kind of cellular concrete molding material, is an innovative and green building material, currently the most popular building panel and wall block in the worldwide construction industry. With its superior performances such as lightweight, fire-resis Read More

  • Steel structure + AAC Panel Prefabricated Villa Case Introduction


    At present, large-scale prefabricated building practices have been gradually carried out in various places. In general, the prefabricated concrete structure buildings are in the majority. However, there are not many prefabricated steel structure buildings, especially steel structure residences, and Read More

  • Construction Method and Considerations of ALC Panel


    ALC panel can be divided into ALC internal panel, ALC self-insulation external wall panel, ALC roof panel/ floor panel, and fire-proof panel, can be directly used in a variety of architectural structure, such as hotel, school, restaurant, office building, commercial building, residential building, e Read More

  • Autoclaved Sand Aerated Concrete or Autoclaved Ash Aerated Concrete?


    Autoclaved Sand Aerated Concrete or Autoclaved Ash Aerated Concrete?Have you ever bought the AAC products? Do you really understand AAC products? Generally speaking, AAC stands for autoclaved aerated concrete; and AAC also can be divided into two main products according to different raw materials, one is called autoclaved sand aerated concrete and the other is called autoclaved ash aerated concrete. Introduction of the Sand AAC. Introduction of the Ash AAC. The differences between sand AAC and ash AAC 1. Raw materials 2. Appearance color 3. Accuracy 4. Compressive strength 5. Dry shrinkage 6. Ingredient 7. Frost resistance 8. Toughness and brittleness 9. Environmental protection and energy consumption Overall, the sand AAC has better performance; and the Ash AAC is more economical. Read More

  • A Better Choice — AAC Panel


    A Better Choice—AAC Panel1. Reduce the wet work, improve the efficiency of construction, and shorten the construction period by about 1/2:Constructional columns and anti-seismic wale shall be added when using blocks; construction of a single wall takes more than three days to complete, and the block Read More

  • The Installation Diagram of Ecotrend AAC Floor and Roof


    The Installation Diagram of Ecotrend AAC Floor and RoofEcotrend AAC floorEcotrend AAC floor is mainly used for steel structure mezzanines, steel structure platforms, loft apartment buildings, etc. Generally, we will choose Class B06, A5.0 as floor panel. There are two ways of installation; one is to Read More

  • The Difference between Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and Non-autoclaved Aerated Concrete


    The Difference between Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and Non-autoclaved Aerated Concrete The autoclaved aerated concrete block (known as AAC block) is a porous concrete product, which is made of cement, lime, silica sand, and plaster as raw materials, aluminum powder as a foaming agent, through the Read More

  • The Installation Process of Ecotrend AAC External Wall Panel System


    The Installation Process of Ecotrend AAC External Wall Panel System1. The main installation accessoriesa) Hook Bolt b) Strutting piece The connection mode: Welding Ecotrend AAC wall panel can be installed vertically or horizontally. 2. The basic installation conditiona) Long angle iron, Leveling a Read More

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