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  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete: Difference Between Sand And Ash


    Autoclaved aerated concrete is one of the most popular green building materials today, and the general public has highly appreciated it since it appeared on the market. Generally, Autoclaved aerated concrete is divided into autoclaved sand aerated concrete and autoclaved ash aerated concrete. However, do you know the difference between them? Today, let's find out! Read More

  • AAC Panel VS Ceramic Concrete Panel: What's The Difference?


    Autoclaved aerated concrete panels (AAC panels) and ceramic concrete panels are both new lightweight building wall materials, and their construction& installation processes are basically the same. However, there are still some differences between the two in terms of raw materials, internal structure, maximum height and primary uses. Read More

  • Top 5 Tips For Finding The Best AAC Panel Manufacturer


    It can be a challenge to find a reliable AAC panel manufacturer that offers high-quality and durable products. To make the search process easier, we'll share our top tips for identifying the right manufacturer or supplier for your project. Read More

  • Aerated Concrete Panels&Blocks Manufacturing Process


    The manufacturing process of AAC panels and blocks is related to a series of operations. Each stage is tied with strict manufacturing quality guidelines to ensure the necessary strength and density. Read More

  • Key factors affecting the quality of autoclaved aerated concrete products


    In the production process of AAC products, poor quality of raw materials, improper maintenance, inappropriate ratios and poor control of process procedures are all important factors affecting product quality. Read More

  • How to choose the right AAC panel plant?


    With the world moving towards better building materials, the demand for autoclaved aerated concrete panels and blocks is growing rapidly. The demand for quality coincides with an environmentally friendly process. Currently, there are many AAC panel plants, basically in every country. Read More

  • AAC Panel VS EPS foam concrete sandwich Panel: Which One Should You Choose?


    AAC(autoclaved aerated concrete) panels and EPS foam concrete sandwich panel are both new lightweight building materials. As a better alternative to traditional building materials, they have become highly popular in the modern construction industry. Read More

  • Tips For AAC Block Construction


    We all know that before putting large machinery and equipment into use, there are some situations that require attention, such as commissioning and maintenance of the equipment. So for autoclaved concrete aerated blocks, a series of commissioning is also required during construction. This blog will discuss some tips for AAC block construction before and during masonry. Read More

  • Why does AAC block crack?


    AAC block is a new type of eco-friendly wall material. It is made of fly ash, lime, cement, gypsum, aluminium paste, water, release agent and other raw materials, and is produced through the steps of slurry making, casting and cutting, and high-pressure steam maintenance. Read More

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