AAC Panel VS EPS foam concrete sandwich Panel: Which One Should You Choose?
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AAC Panel VS EPS foam concrete sandwich Panel: Which One Should You Choose?

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AAC(autoclaved aerated concrete) panels and EPS foam concrete sandwich panel are both new lightweight building materials. As a better alternative to traditional building materials, they have become highly popular in the modern construction industry.

Both of them are cost-effective and have good insulation properties. However, there are also differences between them in many aspects. After reading this blog, you will have a better understanding of the differences between AAC panels and EPS foam concrete sandwich panels to make the right choice.

AAC wall panel VS EPS foam concrete sandwich panel


AAC Wall Panel

EPS Foam Concrete Sandwich Panel

Product Images

(Sectional View)

AAC Panel EPS Foam Concrete Sandwich Panel


composed of fly ash, lime, cement, aeration agents and gypsum

consists of EPS foam, cement and sand, and calcium silicate board


(Standard Size)




(Could be customized per project requirements freely)




(The size is limited to several options, if customized, the manufacturer need customize the production module first and it will cost much money and time)

Average Dry Density



Fire Resistance

(100mm-thickness Panel)

Last 4 hours

Last  around 3 hours

Sound Insulation

43 DB

36 DB


Could be used as all building material, including wall panel, roof panel, floor panel

Only could be used as wall panel

Water Absorption

large pores inside AAC panels ensure a low absorption of water. So they provide better protection against moisture.

has fine water resistance but not as good as AAC


has excellent strength, offering high stability to a building.

poor material strength, prone to cracking and peeling insulation

environmentally friendly

made from natural and non-toxic raw materials and generates minimum waste in the production

not environmentally friendly, release lots of waste that causes environmental pollution in production

Construction Speed

has fewer joints and consistent dimensions, which ensures faster construction

slower and complex construction as it involves hanging nets

Rectification Work

less rectification work is needed because only skim coat is used

more rectification work due to plastering on surfaces

Energy Saving

saving aircon energy by up to 30%

not energy efficient

Cost Effectiveness

nearly 1/3 of the cost of regular building materials

slightly expensive compared to traditional building materials


This blog is about AAC panels vs. EPS foam concrete sandwich panels. You should now know the differences between the two and why one is better than the other. When selecting wall panels for your project, you must consider various factors and carefully compare their performances.

Although EPS has many benefits that make it an attractive option for use in construction, it is in fact not as strong as AAC and breaks easily. If you are looking for a durable and eco-friendly building material that can withstand moisture and humidity, AAC wall panel is a better option. Meanwhile, AAC panel could be customized freely according to your project requirements, compared with EPS foam concrete sandwich panel.

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