Key factors affecting the quality of autoclaved aerated concrete products
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Key factors affecting the quality of autoclaved aerated concrete products

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AAC Products

Autoclaved aerated concrete products, such as AAC panels and AAC blocks, are porous concrete products made of cement, lime, fly ash, gypsum, aerator, bubble stabilizer, and conditioner as the main raw materials.

AAC panels and AAC blocks can be used to provide heat insulation and thermal insulation for building roofs. Compared with traditional materials, aerated concrete products can save land resources, improve the thermal insulation effect of building walls and enhance the energy-saving effect of buildings.

In the production process of AAC products, poor quality of raw materials, improper maintenance, inappropriate ratios and poor control of process procedures are all important factors affecting product quality.

Factors affecting the quality of AAC products


The production process of aerated concrete is mainly composed of six processes: raw material preparation, batching, pouring, resting, cutting and autoclave maintenance. There are many factors that affect the quality of aerated concrete products in the production process. The following are some of them for you.

Mixing Ratio

The influence of the mixing ratio on the strength of AAC panels is mainly reflected in the water-to-ash ratio. In general, the strength of concrete and the water-cement ratio is inversely related. In the case of fixed construction ratio, the factors affecting the water-cement ratio in the mixing process are mainly the accuracy of the mixing system measurement and the amount of sand and gravel on-site.

In particular, sand and gravel moisture content often fluctuates greatly due to changes in batches and weather, so it is necessary to test and adjust the water-cement ratio in time to ensure the accuracy of the construction ratio.

Construction Measures

The construction measures include mixing, transportation, pouring and pounding, etc. Each link in the construction should be operated strictly according to the regulations, and any problems in any link will affect the quality of concrete poured on site. In the mixing, transportation and pouring process, you should prevent the concrete mix from segregation.

In the vibrating process, proper pounding is very important, because insufficient pounding will cause poor concrete compactness and even quality defects such as honeycomb pockmarks, while excessive pounding will make the concrete coarse aggregate sink, cement paste rise and layered segregation, both of which will affect the quality of AAC products.

Steam Curing

Steam curing of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks is necessary to obtain strength and other properties. It can not only improve the quality of the product, but also improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. A good control measure of autoclave maintenance is an important guarantee of product quality, and one of the key steps in the AAC panel production process.

Therefore, after the concrete is poured and finished, it must be moistened or water-preserved as required to ensure the normal development of structural concrete strength. Curing has a significant impact on the hydration of cement. So it is necessary to strictly implement the curing system and measures to ensure the quality of AAC products.


In a word, the main factors affecting the quality of AAC products are raw material ratio, construction, and maintenance, among which the key factors to be controlled are: cement strength, sand fineness, mud&water content, stone flake content&maximum material diameter, fly ash fineness, the accuracy of water-cement ratio, pounding strength&time, maintenance temperature&humidity.

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