Ecotrend’s Quality Control - Updated Test Report by CNAS
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Ecotrend’s Quality Control - Updated Test Report by CNAS

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Ecotrend has updated AAC panel and AAC block test report recently, this time we still chose the CNAS ( China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) as the test institute.

test report1     test report2

With the rapid development of global economy, people’s living conditions are constantly improving. People are aware of the importance of sound insulation and fire resistance in daily life; one is for the comfort, and the other is for the safety. Therefore, we decided to test these two inspection items. The test standard for AAC panel is according to GB/T 9978.1-2008, GB/T 9978.8-2008, GB/T19889.3-2005, and GB/T 50121-2005.

In this test, the sample is composed of 2480*600*100mm AAC panel which assembled in the frame. The splicing method between the plates is tenon fixing. The joints between the plates and the gap between the boards with the frame are all treated with caulking material, plastering and hanging flat. The surface of the sample was not treated.

pre test photo  

As shown in the test report, after 240 minutes the thermal insulation of AAC panel with thickness 100mm was not damaged, and it has no effect on the integrity. The excellent thermal insulation helps keep indoors warm in winter and cool in summer; meanwhile, it also helps you save on energy costs, such as air condition and heating system. Besides, Compared to the one hour fire resistance of red brick, AAC panel will give you more security.

test report3

For the sound insulation test, the test result is 43db (100mm-thickness AAC panel). Compared to 35db of red brick, AAC panel will give you better living experience. Certainly, you can get better sound insulation effect if you choose thicker AAC panel as wall materials.

test report4

Additionally, if you use Ecotrend’s AAC panel as wall material, you can have more usable area of construction for the same performance.

If you really care about fire resistance and sound insulation in your project, maybe you could consider Ecotrend’s AAC panel as the wall material. If it is for your own house, you could have a comfortable and safe living experience. If it is for a developed project or biding project, it could be a good selling point to make the house hot-selling or a great advantage to assist you to win a biding project.

By the way, we have updated AAC block test report according to GB/T11969-2020 3, GB/T11969-2020 4.3.1 and GB/T11968-2020 7.2.

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