Ecotrend—Zero to One
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Ecotrend—Zero to One

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With the development of economic globalization, the scope of international business contacts, and continued space expansion. Especially The Belt and Road strategy of China entirely relies on China and relevant other countries existing multilateral mechanisms. With the help of existing and effective regional cooperation platforms, they actively develop economic partnerships with countries along the Belt and Road to build a community of shared interests, shared future and shared responsibility featuring political mutual trust, economic integration, cultural inclusiveness.

Ecotrend from the literal meaning can found, it consists of "eco" and "trend"; "eco" stands for "ecology" and "economy," which is our development direction. 

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Construction of Ecotrend's office building started. A complex with office, conference, dining, houses, and exhibition functions.

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Ecotrend has imported the world's advanced autoclaved aerated concrete production line.

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After eight-month hard work, construction of Ecotrend was completed successfully.