Trademark of Ecotrend Materials, Nail it!!
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Trademark of Ecotrend Materials, Nail it!!

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What is your first impression when someone talks about the trademark? Some people may think it is just another name of the product. However, in today's market, it is not as simple as you thought. The trademark is used to distinguish one operator's brand or service from another operator's goods or service. It is very important for the enterprise because it not only identifies the source of the enterprise's goods or services but also helps the enterprise to prevent infringement. It is an intangible asset of the enterprise. If the trademark has a high degree of recognition, it can bring unpredictable value to the enterprise.

The global market competition is pretty fierce currently; the reason why Ecotrend decided to apply for the trademark is that we have confidence in the quality of our products and want to help our clients to distinguish our product from others easily by increasing the trademark awareness.

Please be sure to look for our trademark logo.

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Trademark of Ecotrend Materials