The First Batch of AAC/ALC Panel was Successfully Produced
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The First Batch of AAC/ALC Panel was Successfully Produced

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  AAC/ALC panel is a brand new product developed on the basis of AAC block. Ecotrend AAC panel is a kind of rust-proof bidirectional welded steel mesh (reinforcing bar) built on Ecotrend's advanced production process technology with built-in patented technology. Therefore, it requires higher technical requirement than the AAC block product. In other words, before start producing the AAC panel product, we need have a stable AAC block production process first.  

aac panel

Semi-manufactured goods before autoclaved

  Currently, the autoclaved aerated concrete panel is one of the most popular prefab building materials. It has the characteristic of convenient installation, wide application range, and high construction accuracy; meanwhile, it can greatly improve the usage performance of the building, and reduce the cost of construction.

alc panel

Semi-manufactured goods after autoclaved

 According to the different application situations, Ecotrend AAC panel can be divided into Ecotrend AAC thermal insulation panel, Ecotrend AAC internal wall panel, Ecotrend AAC external wall panel, Ecotrend AAC roof panel, and Ecotrend AAC floor panel. With its great thermal insulation capability, they surpass most other similar building materials in providing thermal comfort while saving energy and costs. Above all, construction speed is 4 times of traditional block; no formwork is required, no curing time is required, installation as fast as 20-60 m2 per man day and 3-4 workers per team.

aac panels

Finished goods

alc panels

Ecotrend uses AAC panel as enclosing wall