Ecotrend has built an AAC/ALC Panel Sample Room at Morgan EnMaison
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Ecotrend has built an AAC/ALC Panel Sample Room at Morgan EnMaison

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After a period of publicity and promotion, the project manager of Morgan EnMaison was very interested in AAC/ALC internal panel product. Morgan EnMaison complex boasts five modern buildings sitting in a U-shaped distribution on a land area of 2.4 hectares. The developer is constructing two elegant condo towers rising to 54-storey, while the other two comprise 47 floors. The landmark 70-storey centerpiece business tower will come with a helipad.

Morgan EnMaison Effect Diagram

Morgan EnMaison Effect Diagram

According to the project manager, they have heard about the advantages of the AAC panel years ago. Therefore, they have a basic understanding of this new building material. However, they could not find any local place to buy it and plan to import it. The moment they heard about the Ecotrend AAC/ALC panel, they were very excited and invited us to build a sample room for them. In general, there are two things that developer values most, cost and time. AAC/ALC panel is the best option to help the developer solve both issues. On one hand, the construction speed is 4 times of the traditional block; on the other hand, the AAC wall panel does not need the operation of plastering. Besides, there are a lot of other performances that are superior to other building materials, whether it's sound insulation, fireproof, lightweight, thermal insulation, or anti-seismic.

Ecotrend AAC ALC panels were delivered to Morgan EnMaison

Ecotrend AAC/ALC panels were delivered to Morgan EnMaison

Ecotrend AAC ALC panel sample room-1

Ecotrend AAC/ALC panel sample room

Ecotrend AAC ALC panel sample room-2

Ecotrend AAC/ALC panel sample room

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