Ecotrend Attended a Lecture on Tax Law
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Ecotrend Attended a Lecture on Tax Law

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Taxation, for the country, is the source of the country's economy; for the enterprise, is an obligation. As we all know, different countries have their own different tax laws. Learning tax law allows us to increase our awareness of paying taxes according to the law and clarify the importance of taxation for the government's functions.


As a foreign enterprise of Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete in Cambodia, Ecotrend deeply realized the importance of tax law learning. On Sep. 6th, 2019, Ecotrend participated in the "Special lecture on propaganda of Tax Law online Application for Tax Refund and VAT Credit" conducted by Cambodian officials such as Deputy Director of The General Administration of Taxation Ken and Han Sona and other officials.


The meeting was mainly focus on the instruction of e-TAX and VAT refund process.


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