Ecotrend AAC Ruyi sculpture set up for good wishes
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Ecotrend AAC Ruyi sculpture set up for good wishes

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Jade Ruyi, a traditional and precious Chinese art craft, is a symbol of happiness and wellness. Ecotrend utilized its creativity and imagination to apply our own manufactured AAC materials to bring this good idea into life.


After two months’ patient time and thanks to our boss’s hard work, this symbol sculpture that processed with an original AAC panel size of 4.8 meters length x 1.2 meters height  x 0.6 meters width was finally finished. It’s full of Chinese element designs, like the Chinese character“福”means lucky; the fish pattern represents wealthy and fortune. Together with this whole Ruyi shape design, it is expressing our good wishes for a better tomorrow.


It’s also amazing to see that our AAC materials has such good performance during sculpturing. When AAC blocks and panels apply to building constructions,it has the great advantages like thermal insulation, sound insulation,fire proof, lightweight,anti-seismic,anti-permeability etc. When this material is used in our daily life, you can find yourself a proof of its high strength and convenient use. Similar to the wood, it can easily to cut, drill, nail and grind. Then for sure, it can help speed up the installation and construction time to a large extent.


Ruyi, literally means everything is running smoothly as you wish in Chinese. For the time being, May this epidemic situation end soon and let people’s life go back to normal. That’s our best wishes. Hope this day will come soon!

AAC materials - Ruyi

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