AAC Blocks VS Red Bricks
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AAC Blocks VS Red Bricks

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lf you are a homeowner or a house builder, you need to know the difference between the AAC blocks and the red bricks. In terms of which one existed first,the red bricks are the oldest building material used in the construction compared to the AAC blocks. People were looking for more sustainable building materials, and AAC blocks are an ideal choice.

Nowadays, AAC blocks are the widely used construction materials on the wall units since they are lightweight and sustainable.There has been a lot of confusion between these two construction materials, and with this post, you will get brief information on AAC blocks vs red bricks to know the difference and clear any doubt you have. Now let's go deeper in differentiating between the two.



      AAC Block

    Red Brick

AAC Internal Wall Blocks

Red brick


fly ash, lime, cement, aeration agents and gypsum

clay, lime, sand, magnesia,and iron oxide

Comprehensive Strength

greater comprehensive strength, around 3 to 4.5 N/mm2

lower comprehensive strength, around 2.5 to3.5 N/mm2


better performance, lighter,and easier to handle and transport

worse performance, heavier, more difficult to handle and transport

Water Absorption

absorb a small amount of water, making them ideal for any construction project

retain a lot of water,making them not a good option for construction

Fire Resistance

8 inch ACC block can offer fire resistance of up to 7 hours

8 inch red brick can offer fire resistance of around 2 hours

Sound Insulation

better sound insulation, 200 mm thick wall can reduce 40 to 45 Decibels sound

good sound insulation properties due to their dense structure

Thermal Conductivity

has low thermal conductivity of 0.21 to 0.42 W/mk, so there is less heat transfer from the block

has higher thermal conductivity of 0.6 to 1.0 W/mk

Earthquake Resistance

reduce the weight of the building which gave safety against the earthquake

not suitable for earthquake-prone zones

Construction Speed

faster construction speed as it is bigger in size and light in weight

the construction speed of red bricks is slower than AAC blocks


made from non-toxic material and it is not harmful to the environment

made from clay and it is not as green as AAC blocks


no storage is required because it can be manufactured in a very short period of time and can be used at any time

need a special way to store them on the site so that you cannot

interfere with their strength and quality


more durable and offer greater resistance to fire, seismic activities, moisture, termites, pests, etc

less durable than AAC blocks , higher demand for ongoing maintenance or repair work

Labor Cost

less labor is needed. The speed of work will be twice as fast as that of red bricks

more labor are needed. Compared to AAC block, red brick are slower.


more recommended for use in high-rise buildings as it can greatly reduce the total dead load of the building.

applicable to load-bearing walls and non-load-bearing walls


The post was about the comparison of AAC blocks vs Red bricks. You know the difference between the two and why one is better than the other. When choosing between the two blocks, you have to consider different aspects.

Generally, the red bricks are an ideal option for specific and small projects, and when it comes to the blocks with high compression strength, excellent performance, better handling and other benefits, then AAC blocks win.

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