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A Better Choice — AAC Panel

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1. Reduce the wet work, improve the efficiency of construction, and shorten the construction period by about 1/2:

Constructional columns and anti-seismic wale shall be added when using blocks; construction of a single wall takes more than three days to complete, and the block wall needs to plaster on both sides to meet the flatness requirements. The painting process cannot be carried out until the wall plastering takes more than 30 days to dry. The Ecotrend AAC panel is custom manufactured according to field measurement. Construction of a single wall can be completed in one day; the panel wall is constructed by dry work; the maximum flatness error will not exceed 3 mm; the plastering process is unnecessary. The painting process can be carried out once the completion of panel installation.


2. Save the cost of the project, the maximum saving is up to 80 CNH/m2:

a. Compared with the AAC block wall system, the Ecotrend AAC wall panel system does not need constructional columns and concrete wale, which can reduce the consumption of steel and concrete; no need to do the plastering process, the puttying process can be carried out directly. By contrast, the Ecotrend AAC wall panel system can reduce the project cost by 15-25 CNH/m2.

b. Compared with the AAC block wall system, the Ecotrend AAC panel wall system does not need constructional columns and concrete wale, and each cubic meter of the Ecotrend AAC panel shall not exceed 650kg (The conservation design value is 850 kg/m³); the AAC block wall system contains masonry mortar, concrete wale, constructional columns and plastering on both sides (The bulk density of concrete is 2400 kg/m³, the bulk density of cement mortar is 2000 kg/m³), the integrated bulk density is about 1300-1400 kg/m³normally. It can effectively reduce the load bearing of the structure by using Ecotrend AAC panel; Design phase according to the density of Ecotrend AAC panel and structural load, it can reduce the consumption of steel about 4-6 kg/m2 (namely about 20-30 CNH/m2).

c. Based on the two items above, because the overall load of the wall is greatly reduced, the structural column, beam, and foundation of the project can also reduce the section size and concrete label, and even reduce the buried depth and excavation depth of the foundation, the comprehensive cost is reduced again by about 15-25 CNH/m2.


3. Meet the requirements of technical indicators; expand the usable area of construction:

a. The 150mm-thick Ecotrend AAC panel can meet the thermal insulation, and sound insulation indexes of 200mm-thick AAC block; compared with the use of the AAC block wall system, the thickness can be reduced by more than 50mm, which can reduce the space occupied by the wall, and expand the indoor usable area.

b. The performance of crack-resistance of the Ecotrend AAC wall panel system is much more obvious than the AAC block wall system, since there are two layers of bidirectional welded steel mesh inside of Ecotrend AAC panel to strengthen and restrict its expansion and contraction. Besides, the special adhesive mortar is applied among joints, rarely appear cracks; with the passage of time, the settlement of the wall will produce more cracks. It is difficult to deal with the cracks once they occur.

c. High performance of anti-seismic, Ecotrend AAC panel in the engineering structure can resist 8.0 earthquakes without falling, even if it fractured, due to the connection of steel mesh inside of Ecotrend AAC panel, it would not collapse.

d. Better fireproof performance than the sandwich color steel composite plate in steel structure. Ecotrend AAC panel belongs to an inorganic substance. It is non-flammable, 100mm-thick Ecotrend AAC panel has more than 3.5 hours of fire rating.



Mark: All the above prices are reference only in China Mainland.

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