Top Reasons Why Builders Prefer Ecotrend AAC Blocks
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Top Reasons Why Builders Prefer Ecotrend AAC Blocks

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Autoclaved aerated concrete, referred to as AAC blocks, is a lightweight, prefabricated, foam concrete building material used to make blocks. It is an alternative to traditional red bricks. Builders should keep themselves up to date with the latest trends and technologies, especially new green building materials like AAC blocks.

It is essential for builders who are choosing building materials to equip themselves and ask the right questions to the manufacturers. An excellent understanding of building materials and an awareness of the "grade and quality" of AAC blocks have to come in handy. Builders need to be awake and alert when the final decision to build a facility is made.

In this context, allow us to reveal reasons why builders prefer Ecotrend AAC blocks used for construction purposes.

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1. Easy workability

Ecotrend AAC blocks are customizable because they are easily slotted and cut to accommodate individual requirements. Compared to regular red bricks, AAC blocks need no special effort to break. Therefore, it saves time and offers a smoother building process.

2. Thermal insulation

Due to the presence of tiny pores in autoclaved aerated concrete, it can act as a thermal defence mechanism. Therefore, Ecotrend AAC blocks will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.

3. Energy saving

Based on the second point mentioned above, Ecotrend AAC blocks play an important role in reducing electricity costs. The reason is obvious: thanks to its thermal insulation properties, there is little need to turn on fans or air conditioners in premises where autoclaved aerated concrete is used. As a result, it saves you money greatly.

4. Anti-noise

The spongy and permeable nature of Ecotrend AAC blocks provides a full soundproof environment for your building. AAC blocks have a sound transmission class (STC) of up to 45 decibels. Thus, they are the optimal choice of building material for houses, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels, auditoriums, etc.

5. Excellent Strength

Ecotrend AAC blocks show superior strength because they are vapour cured under high temperature and pressure. Unlike traditional red brick, which breaks and cracks easily, Ecotrend AAC blocks are highly durable.

6. Seismic Resistance

AAC blocks made from fly ash material are extremely light in weight. Whereas the lightness of AAC blocks is related to the effects of earthquakes. Therefore, the use of Ecotrend AAC blocks in construction gives it more reliability in earthquakes.

7. Faster construction

Ecotrend AAC blocks are lighter in weight and more stable in construction. Buildings using AAC blocks have remained stable for decades. In comparison to traditional bricks, AAC blocks are 2.5 times lighter while offering similar strength.

Because AAC blocks help reduce the number of joints in a wall, they increase the speed of construction, speeding up the process by about 20%.

8. Save costs

AAC blocks use less material, which is critical for quality concrete. By using Ecotrend AAC blocks in structural construction, builders can save approximately 25 to 35 percent on structural steel, concrete and contribute to their cost savings.  

9. Enduring customer experience

There are many ways in which AAC blocks optimize a durable customer experience. AAC block manufacturers like Ecotrend provide a premium line of products in this category. Even though AAC blocks cost more than traditional red bricks, AAC block manufacturers are committed to providing enduring value to their customers by producing high-quality products.

About Ecotrend

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Ecotrend is the best AAC block manufacturer in Cambodia. AAC blocks are lightweight, load-bearing, highly insulated and durable building products. These blocks can be used smoothly and are very convenient in construction.

Therefore, Ecotrend AAC blocks are the smartest choice for your construction project, which provide eco-friendly blocks for your dream home. For more details, please contact our team of experts.