The Installation Diagram of Ecotrend AAC Floor and Roof
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The Installation Diagram of Ecotrend AAC Floor and Roof

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Ecotrend AAC floor

Ecotrend AAC floor is mainly used for steel structure mezzanines, steel structure platforms, loft apartment buildings, etc. Generally, we will choose Class B06, A5.0 as floor panel. There are two ways of installation; one is to put on the steel beam and fix it with hook bolts, the other is stuck between the steel beams. Spread wire mesh all over the top and make level with cement mortar, the thickness is about 2~3mm. The spacing of steel beams shall not exceed 1.5 meters; the load is 300kg per square meter.

AAC Floor Panel

Ecotrend AAC roof

There are a large number of pores inside of the Ecotrend AAC roof panel. Those pores form a static air layer so that the Ecotrend AAC roof panel has good thermal insulation performance without additional insulation materials. Also, it is easy to construct, which can greatly shorten the construction period. After the roof panel is installed on the gable inclined beam of the top floor of the house, the wing panels are overlapped to cover the vertical joints that do not appear in the roofing panels of multiple monomers, forming a sloping roof with good integrity.

AAC Roof Panel

Ecotrend AAC roof panels can be directly mounted on steel trusses or steel beams. When installing the roof panel on the steel structure, the rebar can be welded on the embedded iron. When the slope of the roof is 1:2, the strutting piece must be welded between the three panels and make the anti-rust treatment.

The Embedded Rebar Method

The Positioning Sheet Steel Method

The Hook Bolt Method