Why AAC block is cost effective for construction?
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Why AAC block is cost effective for construction?

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Blocks are the basic construction materials in our country. The construction industry has witnessed a sudden growth with the development of urbanization and the increasing demand for construction materials.

AAC blocks are the best substitute for traditional red bricks. Autoclaved aerated concrete is lightweight, prefabricated, foam concrete construction material for making blocks. They are eco-friendly and approved green building materials.

They are lightweight, heavy-bearing, dimensionally accurate and durable construction substances that are widely produced. Such excellent properties of AAC blocks make them helpful in reducing construction costs.

Why AAC block is cost-effective for construction?


1. Save on the use of steel and concrete

AAC blocks can provide as much as 20% more reinforcement than traditional blocks. As they are lightweight, which reduces the dead load on the structure. 

As a result, the demand for steel reinforcement is reduced, saving money and time on construction projects.

2. Reduce mortar usage

When constructing a building with AAC blocks, your overall mortar usage is noticeably lower than traditional red bricks. 

The reason for this is that AAC blocks are larger than traditional bricks, so overall there have fewer joints. Plus, mortar usage is reduced by about 60%.

3. Reduce plaster usage

AAC blocks are often precise in size and shape, compared to traditional bricks. This precision leads to lower plaster usage, and lower costs. 

Therefore, only a thin layer of plaster is required to build a wall with AAC blocks. In addition, the cost of plastering can be saved by about 35-40%.

4. Shorten construction time

Since AAC blocks are several times larger than red bricks, they can be constructed much faster. Comparatively, AAC blocks are easy to lay and involve only one-third the number of joints. 

Besides, the precise dimensions and lack of curing requirements of AAC blocks can save as much as 30% of the construction time.

5. Reduce labour costs

Labour is a significant cost in the construction industry. Because AAC blocks are larger than red bricks, they are easy to lay, have only 1/3 joints, are dimensionally accurate, and have no curing requirements, saving time and thus reducing labour costs.

6. Reduce transportation costs

The lightweight nature of AAC blocks contributes to a significant reduction in transportation costs. 

The reason is that the overall weight of the product largely determines the highway cost, and AAC blocks are comparatively lighter and less expensive to transport, thus allowing savings in transportation costs.


With significant benefits, AAC blocks are suitable for a variety of applications and construction projects. 

The greatest benefit of AAC blocks is the reduced cost of materials and labourtherefore, they offer substantial economic benefits for users on a strict budget.

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