Steel structure + AAC Panel Prefabricated Villa Case Introduction
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Steel structure + AAC Panel Prefabricated Villa Case Introduction

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At present, large-scale prefabricated building practices have been gradually carried out in various places. In general, the prefabricated concrete structure buildings are in the majority. However, there are not many prefabricated steel structure buildings, especially steel structure residences, and the integration technology of the envelop system, non-structure parts and interior system with the main body of the steel structure needs to be further improved.

The design technology of steel structure + AAC wall panel residence has reached maturity, with complete regulations and design experience. By using a lightweight high strength steel structure and AAC envelope materials design, you can easily obtain a convenient partition of large space and cost-effective energy-saving residential, because this kind of structure occupies a smaller space, which brings a high room rate (about 8%~10% higher than the brick-concrete structure).

The steel structure has the advantages of high strength, great toughness, low material consumption, easy realization of factorization and industrialization, and high production and installation efficiency. The steel structure + AAC wall panel building system is a nearly perfect building combination. This kind of building system is reviewed as follows:

Advantages of the steel structure + AAC wall panel building system

  1. Construction:

    Construction installation has initially realized standardization, factorization, and industrialization. The whole construction process is short (shorter than the general project by more than 30~40%), fast and efficient, greatly speeding up the project capital turnover, and adequately improving the investment efficiency.

  2. Energy Efficiency:

    ALC panel is a high efficiency and energy saving material with safety envelop and thermal insulation performance (λ=0.13w/m.k). ALC wall panel can be directly used as external wall panel for thermal insulation, the humidity inside the panel changes with the relative humidity of the air, and there will be no dew point in the panel, which avoids the disadvantages of the condensation of water vapor in the composite sandwich when the temperature is lower than the dew point and greatly reduces the thermal insulation effect. Therefore, it can be said that the thermal insulation performance of ALC panel is reliable, which can ensure a comfortable environment under the conditions of low energy consumption.

  3. Safety:

    ALC panel has the characteristics of high strength, good ductility, good anti-seismic, and good fire resistance. The fire resistance limit of 100mm-thickness ALC panel is about 4 hours, which has reached the first-level fire protection standard.

  4. Endurance:

    ALC panel is made of inorganic silicate material, which is not aging, impermeable, and frost resistant, and its service life can reach more than 50 to 100 years.

  5. Eco-friendly:

    No radioactivity, no harmful gas release, a healthy green material.

  6. Comfort:

    Good sound insulation, the average sound insulation of 100mm-thickness ALC panel is 40.8dB; 150mm-thickness ALC panel is 45.1dB; Meanwhile, the ALC panel also has the function of breathing, which can automatically adjust the indoor humidity and improve indoor comfort.

  7. Convenient maintenance:

    ALC panel is easy to disassemble, room function is easy to change, which is convenient to create a space to meet various needs; ALC panel does not need mortar plastering, easy to maintain at a low cost; hence, it can obtain comfortable use space with less energy consumption, lower maintenance cost and use cost.

  8. Demolition stage:

    The steel structure + ALC house is convenient to demolish. It can be dismantled with minimal energy consumption, and the removed steel and ALC materials can be cleaned quickly and easily.

  9. Processing phase:

    The removed steel can be returned to the furnace and refined into new steel material; the removed ALC materials can be transported back to the factory to be recycled into new ALC panels, leaving no waste or pollution to the environment, returning the earth’s true appearance, truly achieving balance and realizing the sustainable development of construction projects.

Effect Chart

Effect Chart

Construction of steel structure

Construction of steel structure

ALC External Wall Panel

ALC External Wall Panel

Construction of ALC Floor Panel

Construction of ALC Floor Panel

ALC Internal Wall Panel

ALC Internal Wall Panel

ALC Floor Panel

ALC Floor Panel

Steel Structure + ALC Panel-1

Steel Structure + ALC Panel-2

Steel Structure + ALC Panel--3

Steel Structure + ALC Panel-4

Only one month, the general main structure of the whole house has been basically presented


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