Application of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
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Application of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

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AAC(Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)block and panel, a kind of cellular concrete molding material, is an innovative and green building material, currently the most popular building panel and wall block in the worldwide construction industry. With its superior performances such as lightweight, fire-resistance, thermal insulation, anti-seismic, sound insulation, high strength, and eco-friendly, AAC materials are widely used for residential and commercial buildings like villas, apartments, commercial centers, schools, factories, shopping malls, hospitals, warehouses, condos, and the other public facilities. It's also a perfect choice as a prefab building material. AAC products provide you with a sustainable living space and a sustainable environment, which leads to revolutionary progress in building construction history.


AAC products can be applied to different building structures like steel structures, concrete structures, and wood structures. Both AAC panels and AAC blocks can be used for external walls, internal walls, and thermal insulation walls of the buildings. With double layers of the reinforcing mesh inside, which has been treated with a superior rust preventive liquid and cured with high-temperature and high-pressure steam, AAC panel can also be used for roof panel and floor panel as a load-bearing material. Compared with traditional red brick or CHB block, AAC product has the characteristics of convenient installation, wide application range, and high construction accuracy; meanwhile, it can significantly improve the usage performance of the building and reduce the cost of construction. 


The lightweight of AAC blocks and ALC panels can reduce the building foundation cost and the structure input. Construction can be very convenient by using dry work. Decoration can be started once the wall is finished, improving construction efficiency and shortening the construction period. With a high precision surface of the ALC wall, the puttying operation can be begun directly without plastering. Therefore, it can reduce materials usage and the labor cost of surface painting. Under the same requirement, the ALC panel has thinner sizes, which help expand usable construction area and increase the room rate. Without raising the cost of buildings, significantly reduces buildings' consumption and brings long-term economic benefits. 


Ecotrend has already participated in many local projects with all the above advantages, like Star Bay,  labeled as a five-star home located on the edge of Sokha Beach. 


Kompong Dewa Resort, a luxury integrated resort, covers Hotel Casino, Private Villas, Commercial and Entertainment complexes, and Apartment comprises over 870 accommodation units. 


The SSEZ Thermal Power Plant, This coal-fired power plant project will have five boilers and four generators that can produce 100 megawatts of electricity. 


The Seagate Suite, which owns 100000 square meters urban commercial complex located downtown Sihanoukville with a 360-degree view of Victory Beach. 


The Golden Silver Gulf Tourism Resort, located in Ream Sihanouk National Park, occupies 33 square kilometers. It aims to build an international forest, integrating tourism, ecological experience, leisure and vacation, comprehensive entertainment, high-end sports, conference and exhibition, business, and finance. 


The Morgan EnMaison complex boasts five modern buildings sitting in a U-shaped distribution on a land area of 2.4 hectares.



After completing several projects successfully with our AAC blocks and panels, our AAC products' outstanding performances and high quality help Ecotrend win more and more clients and markets now. By sticking to the principle of "Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit," we will keep on fighting by providing our clients with superior AAC products and the best services.