AALC Panel (Light Weight Concrete Panels)
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AALC Panel (Light Weight Concrete Panels)

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Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete (AALC / ALC / AAC) Panels and Blocks

AALC Panel – Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete Panel is the next generation Versatile Green Building Material of choice for building community, which comes with a lot of Technical and Functional Advantages that trigger a love for this material among the construction professionals and workers.  The material is suitable and proved to be an excellent building material for constructions such as residential, commercial, and industrial and warehouse buildings, hotels, schools and hospitals, etc., in any terrain and all climatic conditions. It is used for both external and walls, load bearing or non-load bearing walls, basement walls, infill walls to framed structures, party walls, fire break walls, etc.   It is also used as a precast floor/roof.

ALC Panel

AALC Product Types: 

AALC, unlike traditional concrete masonry units ("CMU"), is a solid panel/material system with integrated insulation and structural components, and is available in a variety of products that can be used in both load and non-load-bearing applications. Complete load bearing applications, however, are limited to low-rise construction, though cladding and large panels are available to take advantage of AALC's insulativity, fire proofing, and other benefits on mid-rise and high-rise projects. Additionally, the large wall, floor, and roof panels, measuring up to 10 feet long, 2 feet wide, and in various thicknesses, are also used in load-bearing capacities and are common in commercial and industrial applications. AALC Panels, also called "units" are stacked using thin-set mortar, as opposed to the traditional cement-based mortar used in CMU construction.

ALC Panel

Due to AALC's design flexibility and combined structural and insulation components, an entire structure can be built using the one material. Exterior surfaces can be finished with stucco, traditional veneers or siding, while interior walls can be plastered, painted, or left unfinished, in addition to traditional sheet rock finishes.


Further, AALC is easy to use and can be cut and manipulated with normal wood-working tools. AAC/AALC Blocks With cement, lime, Silica Sand as raw materials, adopting two-way and welded steel reinforcement mesh(reinforcing bar) processed by special anti-rust liquid, produced in high temperature, high pressure and steam curing, it's a kind of porous silicate plate of high performance, and has many incomparable performances of  good fire-resistance, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation etc.

AAC Block

It can be categorized into external wall panels, partition panels (internal panels), roof panels, floor panels according to usage.


Brick Wall

Concrete Wall

ALC Wall


1800 Kg/m³

2400 Kg/m³

550-650 Kg/m³

Compressive Strength

20 N/mm² (200mm thick wall)

20 N/mm² (M20 Concrete)

35 N/mm²

Water Absorption (at Equilibrium)

> 12%

> 10%


Thermal Conductivity

1.31 W/mk

2.5 W/mK

0.16 W / mK

Thermal Resistance (R Value)

0.80 (4″)

0.80 (4″)

1.05 per inch

Drying Shrinkage




Fire Rating

1.5 Hours

2 Hours

4.5 Hours

Sound Penetration Loss



41-48 dB

Mortar Application at Joints







No Plastering  Required


21 days

21 days

No Curing Required

Carbon Emission




ALC Panel Packing&ShippingALC Panel Packing&Shipping


AALC Advantages

• Using the AALC, the construction work can be accelerated to achieve a greater amount of time efficiency. By using the proper tools the construction can be mechanized to increase the labor efficiency and faster construction.

• A better fire rating of 3-4 hours can be achieved for the buildings constructed using AALC. (The R Value is 1.2 per inch and hence a 4 inch or 100mm thick AALC Panel wall could achieve an R value of 4.8 whereas the same 4inch Concrete wall has an R value of only 2. which leads to a perfect thermal insulation, which is 6 to 10 times better than regular concrete.  This helps save on the Energy cost substantially.

• 40-48 dB of sounds are filtered by the AALC panels, which makes it naturally Acoustic. Ideal for hotels, hospitals, commercials and multifamily.

• The lightweight nature of this product helps reduce the dead load of the building substantially. The density of this material is 1/4th of Concrete.

• No Air Cracks in the finished buildings, which reduces the overall maintenance costs for the building in the long run.

• The products are tested and certified by the renowned laboratories like SGS, TUV, and SETSCO….etc, which is not the case in the conventional building material.

• Increased comfort and functionality

• Large size of the panels helps do away the construction with less number of joints.  Because of the light weight nature, less manpower and their effort is required for construction.

• Good Workability – means working on conduits and fixing service lines etc becomes easier with this product.

• The reinforcement with Galvanized Steel mesh gives additional strength to the panels

• Long durability: resistant to rot or pest, and this material has been in use for over 80 years

• As this material has a high load-bearing strength – it becomes the choice for all kind of walls: external and internal, load bearing and non-load-bearing, basement, and fire break walls, etc.

• This is an environmental friendly Building material as it is non-toxic. The wastage is minimal and negligible and the entire material is reusable and recyclable.